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Dimensional Rift (NEW)


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There are 6 difficulty levels available in the rift, from Low to Mythical.

Required level to enter - 90

Commander Payne will meet you in the dimensional rift and tell you the details.




card2_event_annihilation.png.c4ad7f21172456f8585c64dd2f3e684a.png Ant Queen Card - Drops in Rift Low

card_devil_baium.png.9c3c0be7478ecca32f7a74005ebc3ca1.png Baium Card - Drops in Rift Mid

card_dragon_anta.png.2d129ddbe855caf36f957d9f9a4edddc.png Antharas Card - Drops in Rift High

card_dragon_vala.png.4c06b55ee7e7534d32e462ee74fbe76d.png Valakas Card - Drops in Rift Top

card_dragon_rind.png.335a6f491e8663dafe664917c207527b.png Lindvior Card - Drops in Rift Legendary

card2_event_hellfire.png.5caf4fae12f3e8037c092267e9fd5947.png Fafurion Card - Drops in Rift Mythical

In total you need to collect 15 cards of each type to exchange for card_hidden.png.b1fcafa8fb13721fcd2067f26c6e619a.pngCard with random essences (double tap gives you a random essence with a 90% chance)

Having collected card_hidden.png.b1fcafa8fb13721fcd2067f26c6e619a.png 5 Cards you can exchange them for card_dragon_gold.png.e537c7f6d6f5e5a794567c9921e44649.pngA Gold Card, which in turn can be exchanged for any essence of your choice.

Also in each of the rifts drops christmas_card_box2.png.733355514b3897d184de38e100be3a07.png Bag With Cards, in which are located card_dragon_vala.png.61aeb16e74d3f574abc237a0411537c7.pngcard2_event_annihilation.png.f52e91fed646fd207b4100d356ad2560.pngcard2_event_hellfire.png.2fe0f570080bb4c95b466c6f35b0d492.pngcard_devil_baium.png.45446cdbfd196c7d7bac83c16e1f5a28.pngcard_dragon_anta.png.79df9f3e18d9f3d24f27350c8e75f12b.pngcard_dragon_rind.png.7d999e857dcc8b6db044c2db0429a17f.png all types of cards. 1 random card is drawn.

Also, christmas_card_box2.png.733355514b3897d184de38e100be3a07.png Bag With Cards and card_hidden.png.b1fcafa8fb13721fcd2067f26c6e619a.png Card you can get from Farm Boss "Anakim"

You can find it at gatekeeper Lilia in the capital, in the farm bosses section.







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